How to Use an Electric Chainsaw? You Guide Here

An Electric chainsaw is powered by electric power and in most cases is used around the home compound for simple tasks such as pruning, trimming, splitting small trees, cutting firewood, and general landscaping. If you consider the electric chainsaw as important equipment that you would own at home for regular and routine cleanups, it would be proper to understand how it is operated as required by the manufacturer.

You also have to remember that it is less powerful as compared to its gas counterparts neither is it more portable especially if it is a corded electric chainsaw. Given the fact it is tethered within a given radius at the compound, you will be restricted to work at a given area, and in that regard, it is much lighter, quieter, easier to handle, and less expensive. If you have never used an electric chainsaw before, below are some of the best practices that will ensure effective operation at home.

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For Safety

  • Keep in mind that electric chainsaws are only used for cutting wood. Do not try it on other unnecessary uses that could endanger your life and those around you.
  • Learn to hold the chainsaw tightly with both hands at all time. The left hand is always in front with its thumb wrapped around the handle. The right hand is always behind on the rear handle but the arm has to be bent slightly.
  • Ensure that your feet are always apart for stability and stand on a form ground or stable position.
  • Wear protective gear while at work including heavy duty clothing, boots, gloves, safety glasses, and all other necessary protection such as hats and chaps.
  • If there are tension and kickback, always fall to the left for that is a more stable position.
How to Use an Electric Chainsaw

Using the Blade Reservoir

While using your blade reservoir, ensure that it is compatible with the SAE 30 Weight Oil. Read the manual as recommended by the manufacturer on the type of oil to use as lubrication. At all times while using the machine, fill the reservoir with exactly the right oil as stated in the instructional and operational manual.

Ensure Safe Plugging of the Power Cord on Socket

It is suggested that you use a long cord, probably 100 feet long. This cord should be plugged directly onto the power socket or outlet. In the event you are dealing with a short cord, use a heavy gauge as an extension cable.

Start the Electric Chainsaw

HOw to Start the Electric Chainsaw

While starting the electric chainsaw, place its blade to face away from you or any other object that is ion your side. Secondly, engage the safety switch before exerting energy to pull the chainsaw’s trigger. Ensure there thorough lubrication of the chain before you start cutting. Some manuals require that you press a specific pump for purposes of lubrication. If you have to do that, ensure that it is done as required.

Keep Practicing

Practice they say makes perfect. Start with the right kind of trees, especially the small and soft ones before advancing into bigger and hard trees. This will give you the opportunity to learn the basics as you gain stability, gain strength, and perfect your operation of the electric chainsaw. Practice using your left hand to hold the bar while at the same time pressing the trigger bar it for lubrication of for auto-switching the operator.

Once in your practice you have learnt to put proper lubrication and monitor the speed of the blade while it is rotating, you can then try cut wood, in most cases starting with the tip of the blade or chainsaw. Apply pressure downwards while you guide the chainsaw in the required length. Keep your arms holding the chainsaw tightly while avoiding any scenario of kickback that could send you bouncing backwards and thus injuring you in the process? Start with small trees as you graduate into an expert electric chainsaw user.

Keep Safety First

The principle of safety first is important at all times you operate an electric chainsaw. Apart from the condition that you be sober from intoxication, ensure to be in the right gear such as boots, hats, gloves, eyeglasses, and even heavy helmet. All the working parts such as the throttle, the bulb for pressing lubrication oil, the position of the plug while on the electric socket, and the running speed of the chain all have to be considered by the operator. Always remember when you are supposed to release the throttle, being when the work is done and you are through with the job, check that you press the oil bulb after every 30 seconds, and while storing the chainsaw, it should be at a position where children and pets cannot access.


Learning how to operate an electric chainsaw is an essential skill that one needs to acquire before you graduate into felling huge or medium-sized trees. Use this chainsaw directly horizontally to cut the tree at a notch that is slightly a width of the entire tree. The tree should always fall at a strategic position to avoid cases of kickback or a situation where you would have to put so much pressure on the machine. In advanced usage of the Electric Chainsaw, check that you reposition the chainsaw in the opposite direction of the wedge that is open and keep the blade at an angle of forty-five degrees but slightly some inches above the wedge before the tree eventually comes down. This is a highly evaluative read as far as your safety and precautionary use of the electric chainsaw is concerned, an end that can be attained by strictly adhering to the provided manuals as provided by manufacturers.

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