Chainsaw Chain and Guide Bar Oil

Top 5 oils for electric chainsaws

When you’re working with a chainsaw, one of the most important things to be thinking about is making sure that it’s running as smoothly as it possibly can be. This will make using it much easier. One vital aspect of ensuring that it’s running at it’s maximum smoothness is making sure you have put lubricating oil into it. Most saws will have a compartment for you to put this oil into. As it’s used for lubrication, not power, both electric and gasoline saws will need it.

In this list we’ll be looking at the top 5 best chainsaw bar oils on Amazon. have this list with references from

Chainsaw Chain and Guide Bar Oil

Chainsaw Chain and Guide Bar Oil

First on this list, it’s no fancy packaging. But that doesn’t mean it’s not a great oil. Coming in at less than $8 we have the Oregon Chainsaw Chain and Guide Bar oil.

It’s made with a special anti-fling formulation to ensure that it doesn’t go splattering all over the place when you’re using your chainsaw. It makes sure to lubricate off the cutting components, this means that you want to have any teeth which are left unlubed.

It reduces wear so that your chainsaw will be able to last longer. And it also extends the working life of your chainsaw. This is great for you as it means you won’t have to be buying a new chainsaw anytime soon.

And finally, it protects from corrosion, so a rusty saw will not be something that you’ll be having to worry about anytime soon.

On Amazon, it has received an average of 4 ½ stars. Meaning that it’s customers are highly satisfied.

Rotatech Genuine Chainsaw Oil

Rotatech Genuine Chainsaw Oil

Despite what you might think by looking at the bottle, this oil has no fish in it whatsoever. And that’s probably just as well, as it would just make the chainsaw end up being very smelly, and stinking of fish.

It’s even cheaper than the last one, coming in at less than $4 per litre. However, it has much of the same properties of the previous one.

It’s anti-corrosive, so this oil is no friend of rust. It extends the life of the chain, meaning you’ll have to replace it less. And it also reduces wear so that it will remain at it’s optimum capacity for longer. And it lubricates all of the teeth, making sure that all of them can cut as efficiently as possible. And it also has anti-fling properties to make sure things stay clean and tidy.

It doesn’t have quite as many reviews as the Oregon, but the average reviewer has given this one five stars.

Ryobi RGA003 1L Chainsaw Oil for all Chainsaws

Ryobi RGA003 1L Chainsaw Oil for all Chainsaws

Another one that doesn’t have all that fancy packaging. Although the packaging isn’t too bad. The bottle is silver, giving it a futuristic vibe. And it costs less than $10 per litre.

This oil is specially formulated for chainsaws, so you can be guaranteed that it will do a better job than putting regular oil into a saw. It has protective properties, this is protection from both wear and rust. Both things that you could do without.

It’s formula is also designed to promote a long life. Meaning that you’ll be replacing your chains less often than you would be doing with the lower quality oils.

And it works for all 2 stroke engines. So whilst it’s made for chainsaws, you could also use it on other devices too.

The good people of Amazon hold it high regard, and that’s why they’ve given it 4 ½ stars. And if it’s good enough for them, then it sure as hell is good enough for me!

Chainsaw Chain Oil, 1 Litre Container

Chainsaw Chain Oil, 1 Litre Container

The next oil on our list is from a company who aren’t so well known, however, that doesn’t mean they’re not good. And I mean really good. At a 1 litre bottle comes in at less than $7. If you want to get your chain all lubed up then this one certainly does the job, so just put it in, and your chain will be smoothly spinning around the bar.

Unlike many other chainsaw oils, this oil is actually oily. A lot of them end up just being watery, but not this one. It’s just better for it to be oily than watery as it makes it run smoother. The delivery is also very nice and quick, making it perfect for those who are in more of a hurry.

As with all of the other saws on this list, the people who have brought it before would recommend that you do the same. They have given it an average of 4.7 stars.

Chainsaw Chain Oil 5 Litres Anti-Fling Lubrication

Chainsaw Chain Oil 5 Litres Anti-Fling Lubrication

And finally on this list, we have a big 5 litre bottle from agritech. Per litre, this oil is less than $4. But cheap doesn’t have to mean bad quality, as this oil clearly proves.

The key to a good oil is that it doesn’t cause the machine to overheat, as overheating is often the cause of many problems. This oil is great at keeping the temperature of the saw down. It has anti-wear properties to make the chains last even longer.

The oil itself is thicker than it is watery, and as we’ve established earlier, this means that it’s likely to be of a higher quality, and better at doing the job that it was designed to do.

People with all types of chainsaws are recommending it.

The people have spoken, and the people say that it is good. And for that reason, they have given it an average of 5 stars of Amazon.

If you’re going to be working with chainsaws, or any other sort of machinery for that matter, you’ll want to make sure that it’s running as smoothly as it possibly can be. By doing this, you’ll be making your job much easier, as well as ensuring that they chain will need to be replaced far less often. But in order to achieve this, you’ll need to make sure that you’re oiling your saw enough. And the five oils on this list today, are the ones that I believe to be the best ones on the market.

How to use an electric chainsaw sharpener

How to use an electric chainsaw sharpener plan

Using a chainsaw is a great way to get a tree cut down very quickly. Before they were invented, you would have to use an axe. This would be more dangerous as you would become tired very quickly, and tiredness is a key cause of accidents.

Now, all you have to do is hold the on button down, and get the work. And within minutes, your tree will be down on the ground.

In this article, will be covering how to use an electric sharpener in order to get the job done quickly and efficiently. It’s so easy, by the end of this, you’ll be able to do it blindfolded, almost.

How to use an electric chainsaw sharpener

Why Chainsaws should be sharp

But what’s the point in it all. Why does it matter that a chainsaw is sharp?
How easy and smooth it is to cut down the tree will depend a large part on how sharp the chain is. You want it to be as sharp as you can possibly get it.

If it’s not sharp enough, then the first problem you will face is bounce back. The teeth will not be able to fully lock themselves into the wood, this means that the chainsaw is likely to bounce off the wood.

The second issue you might face if the teeth are not sharp enough is that your cut will not be smooth but rather rough and covered in splinters.

Problems with conventional methods

Many people reading this, might like to do things old school. And this includes the sharpening. You don’t want to put your precious chain through a strange machine. You want to either sharpen it yourself using a filing rod, or take it to the hardware store where they charge like $10 a chain.

The electric chainsaw sharpener is much quicker and more efficient than using a filing rod, and it’s also far cheaper (in the long run) than taking your chains to the hardware store for sharpening.

Make it firm

Before we can get started on sharpening the chain, you need to make sure that your sharpening device is secured firmly to your work surface. If it’s not down tight then it will be wobbling throughout the entire process, and this will make the entire process very difficult indeed, I probably don’t need to explain why.

How to clamp it down will depend on which sharpener you’re using. Some of them you will need to attach to this side of your desk, others might even need to be nailed down.


Before you turn the thing on you need to make the adjustments in order for things to work perfectly.   If they don’t then a whole variety of things can go wrong.

The first thing you’ll need to do is to turn the chain holder so that when the filing disk comes down, it will be cutting at the right angle, because if you don’t then you might end up making it more down.

Then, you’ll want to bring the disk down so that it’s just about scraping the edge of the tooth.

And just before you get to work, use a Sharpie to mark the first tooth you’ll be sharpening.

How to use an electric chainsaw sharpener plan

Fun fact

One quite strange things about chainsaws that a lot of people don’t know is that they actually have alternating teeth. And this might sound a little bit strange, but all I mean by it is that each tooth has a different sharp side to the one’s either side of it. So if one tooth’s sharp side is on the left, then the ones either side of it will be have the sharp side on the right. This means that you’ll have sharpen every other tooth, then move the chain holder around, and do all the other teeth.

Where to put the filer

As mentioned earlier in the article, when you’re moving the disk down, it should just about scrape the edge of the tooth. If it’s too far back, then you won’t actually be sharpening the tooth itself, but rather the gap between the teeth, and of course, this will be of no use whatsoever.

On the other side of that. If it’s too far forward, then you will be sharpening the top of the tooth, the bit that won’t be getting into the wood. But if it’s just about scraping the edge, then you’ll be getting right cut in the right place.

Spin it around

Now that everything in place you can get to work and make sure that by the end of it your chainsaw is at it’s maximum level of sharpness. To do this, simply turn it on, then bring the disk down. And once the tooth is as sharp as it possibly could be, then move along to the one after the next one. And once you’ve sharpened all of the teeth facing in one direction, then you can spin the holder around and get to the other teeth sharpened.

Job Done!

And now your chain is nice and sharp, you can get back to work, and get back to cutting down the trees, and turning the fallen trees into timber.

All you have to do is put it back onto the bar, just make sure you’re incredibly careful whilst you’re doing that as now that it’s been sharpened, you will have a much higher chance of cutting yourself. Whilst it’s unlikely that a cut is going to be fatal, it will still be rather painful, and something it will be better to avoid. But once it’s on, just get the motor running and get to work.


A chainsaw needs to be sharp because if it’s not then, it won’t be able to cut efficiently, and using an electric sharpener will be quicker than doing it by hand, and much cheaper than taking it to the hardware store every time.

Before you get started, you need to make sure it’s clamped down so that it doesn’t wobble whilst you’re sharpening the chain.

Then you’ll need to make all the right adjustments, using the chain spinner, and the filing disk. And finally, get to work sharpening. And once it’s all done you’ll have a perfectly sharp chain.

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